Plan and manage mission trips
quickly and easily.

Get started organizing your next trip with just one click.

Simplify Trip Planning

All your data on trips, people, countries, meetings and more all in one place that's easy to use and on any device.

Send More People

Simplify your process so you can spend more time getting the right people to go, rather than being mired over paperwork.

Stop Chasing Paperwork

Upload documents and keep everything easily findable and available to your entire team.


Mission Plannr is built for churches and organizations from the ground up

Stop using several different pieces of software to patch together a digital record of all your team members, trip details, and paperwork. 

We believe in the mission. We know that The Gospel is the only message that matters. That's why we've planned, led, and joined over a dozen trips. It's why we created Mission Plannr. It's why we continue to take trips and work hard to make Mission Plannr better. We want more people on the field. More people making a difference at home and abroad.

Trip Management

Manage trip details include where, when, how much, documents, applications and more!

Team Management

Accept or deny online applications, assign team leaders, manage team members all from a central dashboard!

Mobile Friendly

Mission Plannr was designed with mobile devices in mind. Not only does it natively work on your phone, but your tablet as well!

Easy to use

Mission Plannr was created to be easy to use for everyone. No complicated menus or forms. Simple, easy to use interfaces.

Fundraising Tools

Easily add donations to individual team members and track their fundraising progress privately or publicly!

Expense Tracking

Add expenses as they come up and see the difference between budgets, donations and expenses.

Budget Control

Create budgets for each trip and keep track of your fundraising goals in relation to the budget.

Top Notch Support

We believe in reaching the nations with the Gospel. So we're on hand to quickly and professionally solve issues as they arise.

And so much more

Early Bird Pricing

Small Church

$12 per Month
  • 3 Active Trip
  • Unlimited Users
  • 1GB Storage

Large Church

$29 per Month
  • 10 Active Trip
  • Unlimited Users
  • 5GB Storage

Agency / University

$49 per Month
  • 25 Active Trip
  • Unlimited Users
  • 10GB Storage

***More trips are available on request. We can extend plans to meet any need.

Mission Plannr is just getting started

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